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Story No. 9 is here, with a passion to inspire everyone to love more. As part of the upcoming Kickstarter (launching soon), I'm giving free greeting cards, bookmarks, and UNLIMITED digital books: 9 Love Tickets.

You can get access to: A Little Book to Help You Love More. 

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Total value: $77 and $81

Kickstarter: $15 and $20

Inside of the love books 

I'm Nhi. My team and I are artists from around the world who created a series of beautifully illustrated personalized gift books with love tickets for him, her, or a friend. Each book can be redeemed for a variety of activities, like a home-cooked meal or watching the sunset. It allows you to express love in a simple, unique, and unfiltered way.

Long-lasting love in this modern world?

It feels surreal to be on the other side, the happy side, after a lifetime of holding back and being afraid of love. I know a few things about how to keep long-lasting relationships and I want to share inspirations and insights with you. We all deserve to be happy. So, from the bottom of my heart, I know these books will inspire you.

What's in it for you? 

You might wonder, why should you pre-order on Kickstarter and not just wait, then buy later? First, lots of savings and giveaways for you. Second, you're helping us to make our dream come true. Here is the best part above all. Be a part of my upcoming Kickstarter campaign launching on November 11, 2019, and you'll receive FREE STUFF and get the love books before this upcoming Valentine's Day 2020. All of these are only limited to early supporters who take actions and sign up now (before it's too late). Finally, I teamed up with a very special person, my life partner, Sean Kaleponi. Together we created this free book; 52 pages filled with honest advice about SELF, GOOD RELATIONSHIPS, LOVE & SEX:

A Little Book to Help You Love More PDF Free Download

Here is what you get:
  • Get FREE UNLIMITED Digital Love Tickets 
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  • Get a FREE eBook: ‘A Little Book to Help You Love More’  (UNLOCK)
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